Data Controler

FIMA IT GmbH  in Austria (Rankweil, In der Breite 8)


What data is stored

The personal data entered in the application will only be saved on the device used. The report on the device is encrypted with AES and passed on to other applications only via the input of the operator (sharing a report). 


Where can I change or delete my data?

The collected data can be viewed by the customer at any time on our server and be removed at any time on request. The deletion can be requested by mail or in writing. Alternatively, be deleted independently via the internal area of ​​FIMA IT GmbH under LINK.

Data stored in the online configuration are encrypted, linked to the account, saved and also removed from the server when the account is deleted.


Inactive accounts will be automatically and irrevocably removed from the server after 12 months at the latest.  


How does FIMA IT GmbH handle my data?

FIMA IT GmbH does not pass on customer data to third parties without consent. FIMA IT GmbH has no influence over the passing on of a report and is thus not liable for incorrect forwarding. The application only sends non-personal data to the server for statistical evaluation to ensure billing and customer-related evaluation. 


The application requires the following authorization on Android devices:

In-App Billing (

To purchase "Report Balance" in the Google Play Store. For each newly saved report, the credit is reduced by 1 "EMS-Protocol report". 

Contacts (android.permission.READ_CONTACTS)

The application accesses the contacts stored on the device only if the user wants to share a report to another application (e.g., mail client) to then e.g. to be able to transfer an e-mail address directly. The contacts stored on the device are in no way used or read out by FIMA IT GmbH for other purposes. 

External Storage (android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)

When passing on a generated report, a logo of the company, organization can be displayed in the "Header" area. Selecting the graphic, logo, ... requires access to the device memory. 

Accounts (android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS)

After the application has been installed, an account must be registered with FIMA IT GmbH when used for the first time. To facilitate the registration process, the accounts already installed on the device are displayed and the user then only needs to enter a password to complete the registration. 


Data deletion in writing by mail or email:


In der Breite 8

6830 Rankweil





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